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Added Features, Full Anti Theft Alarm functions. Multi Language GPS tracking Platform  

No Contract GPS Tracking / No Monthly fees* / No Hidden Fees / No Minimum Order Qty / Track anything that moves. More than your average GPS tracking device – Packs big features into a small size. Track your Vehicles anytime. If it moves out of a Zone – You get notified. If it moves with or without the Engine On – You get notified. When the Engine is turned off – You get notified. If the Battery is disconnected – You get Notified. Remote – Turn off the Engine. Notifications via, SMS, APP, Email and or Server – In real time. Remote – Hear conversations in the Vehicle..     10 Second Updates for Precise Tracking (unlike others that may only transmit data LST Location-Speed-Time every few minutes) Cheap and Inexpensive way to: Asset Tracker – Theft Device – Reduce insurance premiums – keep track of your drivers, keep track of your loved one.. Multi Voltage 8v to 36v, very low power consumption, Internal back up battery with notification when main battery  is cut. Very small can be hidden anywhere in the Vehicle – self contained. Can be self Installed  (little bit of Knowledge Required – full install details included) *BYO DATA SIM service as low as $15 a year (ask us how) Or $15 per month server included and we provide SIM service

Low cost GPS tracking  is committed to providing affordable GPS Tracking solutions to businesses and the general public. In the past, GPS tracking has had a restricted availability to the corporate world. Now for about $1 a week* we can track any thing with a Battery – Cars-Trucks-Utes-Plant-Machinery-Caravans-Motorbikes-Vans –Boats- if it Moves we can track it.. We provides the general consumer with a superior software platform with Low ongoing fees. Very Simple to use without the 1000’s of features that you pay for and never need / want or use. LST – Location – Speed – Time  all available 24/7 with 10 second updates on your Smartphone/ PC / Tablet in real time. iPhone – Android App included Free of Charge. See your Vehicle anywhere in the world at any time. Run historical reports, Speeding, Location, Stop time, Engine on time – set up alerts ( Geo-fences) when the Vehicle enters an area or leaves and more. You the customer saves money  because  we don’t have any contacts,  a simple  yearly fee – $60 , BYO your own SIM service for 24/7 tracking on-line / PC /Smartphone / iPhone / Android anywhere in the World – anytime /  in Real time. Various installation options including Self install / Mobile installation at your place and time* total portability, easily moved from Vehicle to Vehicle. *fees apply for installation by  Low Cost GPS Vehicle Tracking trained  installers All devices we sell are easily hidden in the Vehicle, having self contained Antenna’s, no more bulky big black boxes. out of sight – out of mind……… Added Features free of Charge with our T2 3G tracker – Cut the engine remotely, flash the lights remotely, hear conversations inside remotely and more… No Hidden fees or Contracts T2 3G GPS Unit $199 + GST. 24/7 Super Low Cost Server and App for Smartphone $60 + GST per year. *BYO DATA SIM service as low as $15 a year ( ask us how)

GPS How it works.

A GPS tracking (T2 3G unit) is a device, normally fitted in a vehicle / asset, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location down to a few meters,  at 10 Second intervals (T2 3G unit), the recorded LST – Location-Speed-Time   data  stored within the tracking unit is transmitted to the Internet, using a cellular  3G (GPRS or SMS), modem embedded in the unit, same as your mobile phone. This allows the asset’s location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analysing the track later, using our Multi Language GPS tracking software  on a PC/Tablet/Smartphone . Should the GPS tracking device be out of Cellular range the data is retained until Cellular coverage can be obtained – the T2 3G unit can retain a week or so of Data whilst out of coverage.

No Hidden fees or Contracts:


T2 3G GPS Unit $199 + GST. 24/7 Super Low Cost Server and App for Smartphone $60 + GST per year. *BYO DATA SIM service as low as $15 a year ( ask us how)


Monthly Sim Service ( Including Server fee ) $15  paid Monthly via credit card


Low Cost GPS utilizes quality Truck / Van / Car / Ute / Caravan / Trailer / Bike – mounted hardware at a reasonable price.

  • 10 Second Live Tracking with Traffic
  • Speed Alerts
  • Speed Reporting
  • Stops Reporting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Mileage Reporting
  • History (6 Months)
  • Ignition On/Off Monitoring
  • Hear Conversations in the Vehicle live
  • Remote Engine Disconnect
  • Hardware $199
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No Contract / Yearly BYO Sim service or Monthly SIM service
  • Internal Antennas for easy installation or covert installation
  • Self Installation Possible or use our approved installers.  ” ORDER NOW

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